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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 00's top 20: prelude

Hello after a small brake, I'm back to posting, it's time for my top 20 movies for the 00's (2000-2009)!

First i want to say that the rankings between the movies aren't all that important, i mean that OK of course I liked #1 more than #20 but I consider all 20 movies of the list my favourites, all are from 4 stars and above so they're all highly recommended.

Second, I cheated a bit on the movies in parts, I've added the on the list as one movie so i could limit my selection to 20, I hope this isn't too cheap :P

I've decided to cover 3 movies per part of this tribute, except for the top 3 movies of the list where I'll dedicate a full blog post for each of them.

First part comes tomorrow, stay tuned!


  1. Looking forward to the forthcoming posts; think the idea that you had for doing a dedicated post for only the top 3 is a good idea, otherwise we'd be waiting for ages to see what 'the best movie ever' is. :]

  2. Looks interesting
    waiting for them!

  3. looking forward to new post!


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