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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 00's top 20: part 1

Here I'm going to cover #20, #19 and #18, enjoy!

20 - District 9 (2009)

For sure one of the most refreshing films I've seen in the Sci-fi genre. It starts as a mockumentary about a South African government operation to relocate the alien refugees that came in Johannesburg 20 years ago, from their slums to a new ghetto type encampment to transform into a more standard action movie on its second part. Very clever writing, dark and sarcastic, convincing visual effects without the overuse of CGI and ambiguous characters that you get to like in the end. Very nice anti-racist message but above all a damn good action movie, one of the surprises of the decade for me!

19 - The Ring (2002)

It may seem strange to most of you but I'm one of the people that actually preferred the remake from the original Japanese version. Verbinski creates an unbelievably haunting atmosphere with his great shots and angles and the whole post production is phenomenal, all the movie is shot in cold colours, it's dark and gloomy and the absolute minimalistic and creepy music score but Hans Zimmer enriches that feeling. This version strong point is the whole artistic direction, some of the shots could be used as paintings, really breathtaking. Great performance by Naomi Watts also, as usual. One of the best horror films of the decade and one of the scariest experiences I had in a cinema, truly remarkable.

18 - Up (2009)

It's really amazing how can a Pixar film can make you cry, laugh and think, all at the same time. Tell me that you watched the first 5 minutes of this piece of art and you didn't feel your eyes getting wet a bit! It's amazing how their stories can be watched and appreciated by kids and adults at the same time, also I won't even comment on the perfection of their cgi and effects, it's absolutely brilliant! A true must-see for adults and kids!

To be continued...


  1. loved these movies man! brings back some good memories :P

  2. Will never forger ring the first time I wathced it xD

  3. The Ring isn't top 20. Not even close. The other 2 i agree with though.

  4. Nice movies, but I'm not so sure about Up

  5. District 9 and UP are really awesome. I recommend

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